Crisp Consulting + Coaching provides individually-tailored and personalized preparation for the rigors of today’s admissions process. We empower you to create a unique story of your strengths and experiences that maximize your chances of admission to the colleges of the best fit. Utilizing our extensive and personal knowledge of colleges and universities, we can broaden your potential opportunities and provide vital help in weighing factors such as cost, location and curriculum. Crisp Consulting + Coaching signature service provides ongoing consultation and support throughout the college admission process and includes:

  • Assess student’s strengths, interests, goals and financial parameters
  • Establish a list of schools that match the characteristics identified by the family
  • Advice on creating meaningful campus visits
  • Organize and monitor strategic timelines for testing and application deadlines
  • Conduct mock interviews to prepare for on-campus interviews
  • Prepare a resume that highlights strengths and accomplishments
  • Plan and construct powerful essays and personal statements
  • Discern the strategic importance involved in requesting Letters of Recommendation
  • Identify scholarship and financial aid opportunities
  • Navigate deferment to maximize the possibility of acceptance
  • Empower with on-going personalized support and consultation via telephone and via email