Brian D. Crisp has been working with families in education and parenting for 20 years. An internationally recognized educator, he has studied educational models in the U.S., Berlin, Germany, and the accolade-winning municipal schools of Reggio Emilia, Italy.

Brian’s qualifications include a background in educational philosophy, seminary studies, teaching in early childhood, elementary and middle school classrooms; serving as an admission director, academic dean and head of school at independent schools; serving and advising national boards of educational associations; and facilitating professional development in independent and public schools. He has taught graduate courses in education at University of Kentucky, University of Louisville, University of St. Thomas, University of South Carolina, Washington University, and Webster University.

He has presented numerous conference workshops in the education field as well as in the area of educational leadership. When Brian is not working with clients, he visits the many dynamic and exciting schools throughout the United States and Canada. Whether it is consulting with families about school choice or working with parents and teachers as a coach and consultant, Brian’s experience as an educator and advocate support a hands-on approach that helps his clients achieve clarity and vision.

Brian is currently a Community Representative for the Higher Education Consultant Association

Brian received his Certificate in College Counseling from University of California, Los Angeles. The renowned program entails a core curriculum and a 65-hour practicum all focused on college counseling.

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