Crisp Consulting + Coaching provides individually-tailored and personalized preparation for the rigors of today’s independent and boarding school admissions process. Through our comprehensive services, we empower you to discover and identify your child’s strengths and align these values with the best fitting independent or boarding school. This comprehensive signature service provides ongoing consultation and support throughout the application and admission process and includes:

  • Integrate the strengths and values of your child and family to find the right school
  • Develop a clear understanding of educational philosophies found in the marketing materials
  • Understand the etiquette and execution of the admission process
  • Navigate the Independent and Boarding school Interview and Testing Calendars
  • Understand the quality of the school by examining school culture, leadership philosophy, stability and achievable outcomes
  • Identify financial aid and planning for independent and boarding school option
  • Leverage the knowledge from experienced professionals who know the admissions personnel and practices
  • Guidance on making final decisions
  • Empower with on-going personalized support and consultation via telephone and via email