Where do I begin?

For the past few years, I have transitioned from my role as head of an independent school and professor of education to an advocate and consultant for families seeking a purposeful educational path. Together, we have identified boarding schools, charter schools, independent day schools, colleges and universities that have enhanced the student’s intellectual and social development. This search, although bonded in commonalities of the admission process, is never the same for any two families. Every student brings his or her own unique characteristics and strengths that deserve to be developed and nurtured.

What is common to the process, however, is the amount of stress a family can feel when they engage with the admission process. Without the guidance of a professional who understands the he critical admission process, educational philosophies and students, it can be daunting. After initiating the school search and admission process, the phrase I hear most often from family and students is “I wish I would have contacted you earlier.”

This statement rings true because families quickly realize that the admission process is involves essays, interviews, references, and testing coupled with dedicated research about the climate and culture of the institution. Many families are unaware of the myriad choices available in the boarding school and college arena, as well as how to determine the academic, financial and social fit for the student and family. These factors combine with the highest and most competitive application rates in recorder history to produce a fair amount of stress. Navigating these fields without a professional can sacrifice your child’s admission success.

Crisp Consulting + Coaching is committed to each family and to finding the optimal fit for each student. We empower families and students to grow and learn from the admission process. In the following weeks this column will provide insights on aspects of boarding school, independent day school and college admissions. We are passionate about the educational journey and can help you identify and realize your placement and admission success.

Brian D. Crisp is an independent educational consultant working with families in the Southeast to optimize and realize their unique educational fit and admission success.

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