Admit it. We need to bring on the learning revolution

Admit it, in the current landscape of education many people are talking about reform.  Race to Nowhere and Waiting for Superman brought mainstream attention to the plight of public school students. Yet, void of the media blitz, is the steady and tried voice of Sir Ken Robinson. Now famous for his 2006  TED Talk, Do Schools Kill Creativity, Robinson was responsible for the Arts in Schools project throughout England and Wales.  Robinson also led a commission in the UK that produced All Our Futures: Creativity, Culture, and Education. In 2001 he penned Out of Our Minds:  Learning to be Creative and in 2010, as a follow up to his 2006 TED Talk, Robinson called for a learning revolution:

Wednesday, April 27th, Sir Ken Robinson will be speaking in Asheville, North Carolina at the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium.  The event is sponsored by TEdx Asheville and begins at 6:00 p.m.  Robinson will surely challenge and inspire any notions about education as he poignantly looks toward the future and a truly needed education revolution.

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Brian D. Crisp
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