Admit it. Less is more

Admit it.  When it comes to prices, less is more.  College costs invoke a sticker shock parallel to an expensive German automobile.  Although the prices printed in the catalogs do not factor in the components of financial aid, seeing the annual cost of $50,000 can give your senses a quick jolt.  What if you could go to college tuition free?  If you’re willing to expand beyond your regional knowledge of schools, Crisp Consulting + Coaching knows first-hand about the outstanding education offered at some of the nation’s tuition-free institutions.  If the fit is right, the price is perfect.

Alice-Lloyd College.  Located in Pippa Passes, Kentucky, Alice-Lloyd College is a four-year liberal arts college with approximately 600 students.  A strong academic program combines with the school’s commitment to character development, community outreach and work ethic.  Every student, regardless of financial status, works on campus.  Tuition is guaranteed for students from the central Appalachians of Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia.

Berea College. Berea College offers more than the tuition scholarship extended to all enrolled students. The school’s challenging curriculum supports its commitment to diversity and character.  A high number of students continue to graduate education.  Admission is determined by demonstrated need on the FAFSA.  Admitted students receive a four-year tuition scholarship that is currently worth $102,000.

College of the Ozarks. After a story printed in the Wall Street Journal,  the College of the Ozarks began referring to itself as “Work Hard U.” The liberal arts college requires all of its 1,500 students to work 10 hours on campus during the semester and two 40-hour work weeks during breaks. Nestled in Point Lookout, Missouri, students concentrate on academic rigor and character education without the worry of tuition.

The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art.  Cooper Union is desirable to those interested in architecture, fine arts and engineering and boasts an acceptance rate of less that 8 percent.  If the academic and social fit are congruent with the student, the worry will stop after admission since Cooper Union offers all undergraduate students a full-tuition scholarship  currently valued at $140,000.

Deep Springs College. Deep Springs only receives 200 applications a year and if you are one of the 26 enrolled in the all-male student body, not only will there be no tuition, but you will work on the school’s fully operating ranch and serve on committees that decide the curriculum and course of the school.  Truly an alternative, Deep Springs offers a two-year curriculum in the high desert of California with its students going on to Harvard, University of Chicago and other renowned universities.  Along with acceptance comes a full-tuition scholarship valued at more than $50,000 a year.

Webb Institute. If you want a Bachelor of Science in naval architecture and marine science, then Webb Institute is the place.  The 90 students on the Glen Cove, NY campus experience an intense curriculum with individualized attention.  Although you will have room  and board expenses, currently valued at over $150,000, is free for all accepted and enrolled U.S. Citizens.

Crisp Consulting + Coaching  has information on other tuition-free and tuition-reduced colleges and universities.  To learn more about  admission, education, financial aid and school options visit  our YouTube Channel.

Brian D. Crisp is an independent educational consultant working with families in Asheville, Charleston, and Savannah  to optimize and realize their unique educational fit and admission success.  As a former professor, administrator, and teacher,  Brian has the knowledge and skills to counsel families in all aspects of educational planning.

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