Admit it. It’s all about the fit

Admit it.  As a society, we are obsessed with the perfect fit.  From a hand-tailored suit to the prefect running shoes, fit is a critical and non-negotiable factor.  Crisp Consulting + Coaching believes families should consider the academic, social and financial fit of independent day schools, boarding schools and colleges.

Determining academic and social fit is easy for families to discuss.  Yet, when conversations turn to finance, many families grow silent and have little context for determining the factors of financial fit. Financial fit considers the sticker price and the debt that can come with an education.  Financial fit should not be a stressor.  In fact, it should be the opposite and serve as a factor that enhances your educational endeavors.

Although the Free Application for Standard Aid, FAFSA,  and other institutional forms are not due until January, we would like to offer the following basics of financial fit from Forrest M. Stuart, Director of Financial Aid at Furman University.

Crisp Consulting + Coaching  has information regarding admission, education and school options on our YouTube Channel.

Brian D. Crisp is an independent educational consultant working with families in Asheville, Charleston, and Savannah  to optimize and realize their unique educational fit and admission success.  As a former professor, administrator, and teacher,  Brian has the knowledge and skills to counsel families in all aspects of educational planning.

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