Admit It. College Ad + Mission Prep = Completed College Applications

Admit it:   Every senior would love to be finished with college applications by the first day of fall semester. Well, they can.  Crisp Consulting + Coaching is excited to announce  College Ad + Mission Prep, C.A.M.P., August 5-10, 2012.  C.A.M.P. is a five-day seminar for rising seniors and their families entering the rigors of college admissions.  Before the start of the critical senior year, student participants will have all college applications finalized.  Students and families will work as individuals and in small groups to complete The Common Application and design a college admissions time line.

Brian D. Crisp, founder of Crisp Consulting + Coaching, is partnering with Tyler Burton of Burton College Tours to provide students with their collective admissions wisdom.  Brian, Tyler and their faculty of talented educators provide families with the support and inside admissions knowledge needed to succeed in the rigors of today’s college admissions process.

Believing in individual college counseling, the student-teacher ratio never exceeds 13:1 and students and families are given approximately 35 hours of college admissions counseling.  This far exceeds the national average of 18 minutes of college counseling with student teacher ratios being 460:1.  Based on an entrance questionnaire, the high school profile and academic transcript, each student will be given a custom report to guide their application progress.  While at C.A.M.P. each participant will:

Co-Construct a College Application List.  Participants will receive an individually-tailored list of 8-10 colleges based on academic, social and financial fit.  This list will serve as a guiding point for application strategies and admissions success.

Create strategies for interviewing.  Families will understand the strategies needed to schedule alumni and on-campus interviews.  In addition, students will participate in individual and group interviews based on actual questions from highly-selective college admissions offices.

Complete the Common Application.  Students will complete the Common Application and learn admission strategies for success.  Students and families will also understand the importance of addressing supplemental material.

Design an Activities Vita.  Students will develop a strategic activities list that supports their admissions profile while serving as a strong focal point for interviews and scholarship searches.  This unique format developed by Crisp Consulting + Coaching has benefited many students in their admission goals and successes.

Develop a Collection of Short and Long Essays.  Addressing the critical nature of the college admissions essays, students will completely craft the short essays to enhance and support their admission profile.  Working as individuals and in small groups, students will learn strategies for writing that will enhance admissions possibilities while completing two drafts of the Common Application long essay.

Plan Application Time Lines.  Dissecting admissions policies, students will understand the benefits and disadvantages of Early Action, Early Decision, Regular Decision and Rolling Admissions. Students will construct a testing time line that addressed the SAT, ACT and AP Exams. These educational time lines and strategies will support application success.

Realize Strategies for Letters of Recommendations.  Students will understand the purpose of the letters of recommendation from an admission’s perspective.  This knowledge will guide the process of securing positive letters of recommendation that stand out in college admissions offices.  Equally, students will learn etiquette and time lines critical for letter writers.

Outline Strategic Campus Visits.  Students and families will understand the importance of campus visits and how to make vital contacts with admissions officers.  Families will understand the factors of detailing a campus visit and the conduct needed for admissions success.

Participate in Parent-Specific Sessions.  Parents will receive a specific three-hour session that addresses the important nature of financial aid.  Examining the Federal Application for Financial Aid, FAFSA, and the CSS Profile, parents will understand critical time lines and necessities for financial aid and scholarship searches.  In addition, parents will understand the parenting skills needed to empower their child during the college admissions process.

Understand the Inside Workings of Admissions Offices.  Students will understand the processes that selective college admissions offices utilize to judge grade point averages, test scores, activities, class rank and essays.  Strategies will be constructed for admissions success.  The final day concludes with a panel of admissions experts, financial aid officers, parents and students willing to answer questions specific to the admissions process.

Receive Additional Support.  Each registered participant of College Ad+Mission Prep will receive an hour of individual consultation.

College Ad+Mission Prep will be held in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park.  Space is limited and is on a first-come-first-served basis.  For more information and registration, contact Terri at or call 919.618.1115.  Register by May 1 and receive a $200.00 discount.

Crisp Consulting + Coaching has information regarding admissions, education and school options on our Facebook page, Google+, Twitter feed and YouTube Channel.

Brian D. Crisp is an international educational consultant with Crisp Consulting + Coaching who works with families to optimize and realize their unique educational fit for admissions  success. As a former professor and administrator, Brian has the knowledge and skills to counsel families in all aspects of educational planning.

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